Thursday, June 24, 2010


Apparently, it's a little difficult to speak to a serial killer.

I didn't think I'd just walk right through the prison gate and have a cup of tea with Mr. Norton. I did know that for this to work, he'd have to agree to speak to me and then there's the whole "Silence of the Lambs" thing.

How am I going to react to coming face to face with my friend's killer?

I have learned that not only am I required to undergo a background check that can take up to 60 days to complete, also, I am not allowed to speak to a prisoner if affected by his crime.

I'm not sure what that means, but I'm afraid if they find out I was that close to his victim, they won't allow me to visit. So, do I tell the truth?

"Media access" takes only 24 hours as opposed to 60 days and I would have much more access to the prisoner. This status is given to: reporters, freelance writers, producers, book authors or independent filmmakers.

My book is about the very drastic impact the crime had on me personally, so I can't say "I'm a freelance writer writing a book about this serial killer that changed my life" because I can't be impacted by the crime.

Another option, tell part of the truth-"I am a writer who used to live in the area and heard about the crime."

I don't know. I'm a horrible, horrible liar. What do you think?



joe knowles said...

Hi dude,
What about getting somebody else to talk to him? And either film it or take some serious notes?

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