Monday, July 19, 2010


The day after my harrowing trip down Manor Drive, I grabbed my board and headed out to Taco Bell Beach in Pacifica, so named because of its beachside fast-food restaurant.

With weathered wood decking and a prime location directly on the sand of San Francisco's most popular beginner surfing spot, the Linda Mar Taco Bell is arguably the cheapest sunset dinner on a beach anywhere!
I learned from a local old-time surfer, Jerry, that the restaurant began its life as an A&W Root Beer stand in the 60's and I felt a deep sense of nostalgia. It was somehow very wrong that Taco Bell was here.

But nostalia didn't grip me long; I had some surfing to do...Apparently, I found Taco Bell Beach on the best surf day they'd had in months.

This sheltered beach break (it's a cove) had perfect peeling rights and lefts. It was warm, sunny, and a Sunday so there were literally hundreds of surfers in the water. (See above for a photo of the crowded line-up at Linda Mar Beach)

I was a bit nervous being a newbie in a highly localized and busy spot. I also had my surf camera attached to the end of my board. Many of the local surfers questioned me about the camera and I began to feel how awkward it is to surf with it.

On one hand, I wanted to document every new surf spot I'm experiencing, on the other, I find it distracting as I'm constantly fiddling with the camera and worrying that other, better surfers are mocking me for the folly of recording my less-than-professional abilities.

But, I tried to put all that out of my mind and concentrate on surfing my best...and I had one of the most wonderful surf days of my life. The waves were so beautifully shaped and other surfers were friendly and willing to share. I caught several long rides that took me all the way to the shore.

Unfortunately, when I returned to the RV park, I found that all the files on my surf camera were empty! The camera looked like it was recording, but it never saved the file. I figured out later that I have to use very specific batteries in cold water (it was 50 degrees) and I solved the problem, so look for later surfing videos!




JenZSurfer said...

Hi Chryss! I surfed at the Taco Bell - did you take those photos? they're gorgeous. I wish I was there with you but I'm on the never-ending contract. Will keep in touch and can't wait to read more.

Love, Jen

Chryss said...

Hi Jen,

Silly girl, you told me about Taco Bell beach, remember? I kept looking for you, in vain, sadly!

I didn't take the photos, and I'd have to kill you if I told you where I got them. ;)

Some day I will splurge on a fancy camera with long lenses so I can also take some beautiful photos. Actually, I do have some of my own, of other surf spots. See them in posts to come!


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